Character Creation

When you start up The Stick of Truth and select New Game from the main menu you’re going to be taken to a character creation menu. The selections are straightfoward and basic, but there’s a good variety of things you can choose from in an effort to make your version of the New Kid stand out from the rest of the staples in the South Park Universe.

Your first option is to select a skin tone:


Next up you must choose a hair style. There’s a bunch of options here as well, and though you’re not truly given the option of choosing your character’s sex, you can easily customize your New Kid to look male or female depending on your selections:


Next on the list is your outfit. You may choose whatever style you want. It’s also important to note that you’ll be able to select a primary and secondary color for most of the clothing selections, so don’t be afraid to select something just because you don’t like the color. Chances are you’ll be able to change it to something a bit more tailored to your taste:


Next you may choose your character’s makeup. These selections offer you a much wider range than just what it seems though. You can customize your character with everything from a scar to freckles in this section.

Finally, you may equip your eyewear if you choose to wear any.

Once you’re done making your selections just choose complete and the game’s introductory sequence will begin. Don’t worry about the permanence of your selections. You’ll be able to change any of the features you’ve selected throughout the game with items found while exploring. Other, more intriguing options, even plastic surgery, will be available to your as the game progresses.

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