It’s good to note that The Stick of Truth takes place over a three day period. Players can tell when the days are divided up because of the fact that other characters will state that its getting late and everyone should return home. It’s a good divider, and helps the player keep track of where the progression is within the story. Because of this, this guide will be divided up by day, as well as main events that take place within that day. This should ease navigation.

If you’re interested in Side Quests check them out here.


Day 1:

Character Creation

The New Kid in Town

Call the Banners:

-Hot Coffee
-Gate Crasher
-Detention Sentence

The Bard


Day 2:

It’s Late

Alien Abduction

Gain New Allies:

-Recruit the Goth Kids
-PTA Problems


Day 3:

Attack the School

Go Back Home

Defeat the Underpants Gnomes

Forging Alliances:

-Recruit the Girls
-Pose as Bebe’s Boyfriend
-Unplanned Parenthood
-Heading North
-O Canada

Beat Up Clyde

Betrayal From Within