This Chinpokomon guide features screenshots, and in some cases, video, on how to retrieve all 30 Chinpokomon hidden in the game. For all you achievement/trophy hunters out there, this guide will help you get the achievements/trophies for “Poco Chinpoko”, “Chinpoko Loco”, and “Chinpokolypse”.

Some Chinpokomon are missable!¬†Here’s a list of the Chinpokomon that that must be obtained during certain quests:

6. Shoe: Missable! Found during the quest, “Beat Up Clyde!”

9. Fetuswami: Missable! Can only be retrieved during the quest “Forging Alliances”. You can pick it up next to the turret gun in Unplanned Parenthood. You’ll have to target the grenade left by the downed soldiers to blow up the wall. Click here for a video.

11. Gunrilla: Missable!

21. Pterdaken: Missable!

26. Beetlebot: Missable!

29. Roidrat: Missable!

To check your list at any time in game you can open your menu, then use your mouse, or, if you’re on a console, your bumpers, to navigate the menu towards the collectibles tab. There you will find a tab for Chinpokomon. Select this to view all the Chinpokomon you have already collected or need.

Some Chinpokomon are missable! I will notify you if a Chinpokomon is a missable. I suggest you browse through all three parts of the list in order to make notes of which ones are missable to ensure that you don’t accidentally miss any as the game progresses.

1 - Chu-chu Nezumi1. Chu-Chu Nezumi: In the tree by Butter’s House. You’ll have to shoot it with your equipped range weapon to make it fall so you can retrieve it.




2 - Furrycat2. Furrycat: This one is located to the right of Kyle’s house. It’s hidden behind some logs, which you’ll need to smash to retrieve.




3 - Lambtron3. Lambtron: This one is easy to miss. It’s located in the Tower of Peace. You’ll need to use your ranged weapon to shoot it down for retrieval.





5 - Pengin5. Pengin: In many cases this will be the first Chinpokomon that people stumble across. It’s located in Cartman’s garage.






8 - Vamporko8. Vamporko: This Chinpokomon is located in the Community Center basketball court. You’ll have to use the anal probe to retrieve it.




9 - Fetuswami9. Fetuswami: This is a missable Chinpokomon and can only be retrived during the quest “Forging Alliances”. You can pick it up next to the turret gun in Unplanned Parenthood. You’ll have to use a combination of different items to find it.Refer to the video embedded below:




10 - Gerbitoad10. Gerbitoad: This one is pretty easy to find. It’s located right next to Mr. Hankey’s house in the sewers. I retrieved this while doing the quest ”